Electronics, Television & Appliance Recycling

Effective 5-26-2015 we are temporarily unable to accept the following items under the E-cycle Washington program while we make some facility improvements:

Computer monitors

All-in-ones (ex eMac)


E-readers/e-books (Kindle, Nook, etc)

Portable DVD Players

We are temporarily referring customers with these items to Goodwill located at 130 E 3rd Ave, Spokane.

Their phone number is 509-891-7303


We are still able to take computer towers, servers, and laptops for free, outside of the E-cycle Washington program.


Miscellaneous computer parts such as keyboards, mice and printers are not covered by the law.  We can still recycle them for a small charge.  Check out our electronics section below for more information.

There is a charge if you need us to pick up these items from your location, call us at (509) 534-1638 for more information on our pickup services, including rates and schedules!

We are able to recycle your various household appliances. There is a small charge for refrigerated appliances. Non-refrigerated appliances we can now take at no pay, no charge, when brought in to our facility. 

If you're getting your computer recycled and are worried about your sensitive data, we also offer a hard drive destruction service. We do charge you for these services. The current prices can be found on our recycling service charges page.

All items are disassembled in the USA and as much material as possible is recycled from these units.

We accept these forms of payment: cash, check, VISA or MasterCard.


Appliance Recycling

Appliances are separated into two categories for recycling. All non-refrigerated appliances we will take at no charge, no pay. We charge by the pound to recycle refrigeration units. Also, be sure to ask about our pickup service.
  If you have other appliances, feel free to call and see if we would be able to recycle them.

  If you need these items picked up, please call (509) 534-1638 for schedules and charges.


Freezers (including chest freezers),

Air Conditioners,

and any other appliances that contain Freon

We charge 10 cents a pound with a $10 minimum

(If delivered to Earthworks)

Electronics Recycling

Miscellaneous electronics can be recycled for a charge of 30 cents per pound, if they are brought in to our facility.

This includes electronics such as DVD players, VCRs, remotes, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, telephones, calculators, etc.  Call if you have any questions about your electronics you want recycled.

We can pick up your electronics, please call for charges and scheduling.

If you have any circuit boards, we recycle those as well.  Please see our circuit board page for more details.

Television Recycling


State law requires that televisions can be recycled free of charge by households, small businesses, schools, non-profit and charities.  If you do not qualify under one of these categories we can still recycle your televisions for a fee (see table below).

If you want to recycle your TV accessories such as a DVD, VCR, or remote, see the electronics recycling section above.

Televisions can be recycled for free if they are brought in to our facility.  If you need us to pick up your television, there is a charge.  Call us at (509) 534-1638 for more information on our pickup services!

TV Size  For Households, Schools, Small Businesses & Non-profit

Business charges (over 50 employees)

12" to 25" TV
$23 each
26" to 36" TV
$30 each
Over 36" TV
$45 each
Console TV
$35 each
LCD/Plasma Screen

30 cents per pound