Moving Boxes and Supplies

All of our boxes are used and surplus at bargain prices!

We sell Generic Boxes, Name Brand Boxes, as well as Packing Supplies. Our stock changes often as people buy and recycle boxes, you're welcome to call and see if we have the size of box you're interested in. If you're not sure exactly what size you might need, feel free to come to the Earthworks Warehouse Store and browse our inventory!

Our moving supplies are now located at our Warehouse Store, at 723 N Napa.  Our store is open Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 4:30pm.  The number is (509) 535-3020. 

If you need moving boxes or supplies on Monday, please call us at (509) 534-1638.

Current Prices

All Prices and Sizes Subject To Change

Generic Boxes (Plain boxes, may have miscellaneous writing on them)

Generic Boxes
Small (approx 12x12x12) 40 cents
70 cents
Large 80 cents
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Name Brand Moving Boxes (have Mayflower, U-Haul, Allied, etc printed on them)

Name Brand Boxes
Small (approx 12x12x12 & larger) 40 cents
Medium (approx 18x18x16) 70 cents
Large (approx 18x18x24)
80 cents
Wardrobe no bar (approx. 22x23x48) $4.75
Wardrobe w/bar (approx. 22x23x48) $5.75
Mirror Pack (2 piece set)
Dish Pack
Banker Box $2.00
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Packing Supplies

Biodegradable Peanuts (white) $17.00 per 12 cu ft bag ($1.42 per cubic foot)
Styrofoam Peanuts (green) $22.50 per 14 cu ft bag ($1.43 per cubic foot)
Recycled Mixed Peanuts
$12.50 per 12 cu ft bag

Recycled Bubble Wrap(call to see if in stock)

$12.00 per 12 cubic foot bag
1/2 Bag Recycled Bubble Wrap
Newsprint Rolls for Packing
Starting at $2.00 and up
Stretch Wrap $21.50 per roll

Loose Packing Paper

 Call for price

Packing Tape (110 yards)
$3.25 per roll
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