Printer Cartridge Recycling

Earthworks is proudly offering toner and inkjet cartridge recycling services for all printer cartridges. Whether Virgin Empties or Remanufactured, you can bring them in for recycling or add them to your current pick up.

We are able to recycle inkjet cartridges at no charge. We charge $1 per toner cartridge for recycling.

If you'd like to set up a pick up service for your home or business, or for more information in general, contact us!

Here are some important cartridge recycling guidelines:

  • We are not able to accept broken cartridges.
  • If you can, please keep original box to protect used cartridge.
  • If the original box is not available, please package your cartridges in a sealed plastic bag prior to recycling.
  • If you have questions about printer cartridge recycling, feel free to contact us.