Collection Service

Did you know Earthworks Recycling has a Collection Service?  If you are too busy to haul your recyclables or if other recycling services are too limited, we can make our service fit your requirements.

In most cases we have a minimum pickup charge which is often determined by:

  • Items to be collected

  • Location and accessibility of recyclables

  • Amount to be picked up

If you have questions call us at (509) 534-1638 or email us at

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Paper Recyclers:

There is a minimum charge per pickup for the first barrel. There will be an extra charge  for each additional barrel.

If you have sensitive documents to recycle, we can provide you with a locking bin, and exchange it out as often as you'd like.  Our minimum pickup schedule is every other month. See our Document Destruction page for details!

Corrugated Cardboard Recyclers:

During the snowy winter months, please make sure your cardboard is covered.

For large bales of cardboard, you may actually receive payment.

We may have cages to store your flattened cardboard, ask for details!

Pallet Recyclers:

We may charge or pay, depending on what sizes you have.  Most of the time there's a charge to pick up pallets.  Call for details.

Glass/Plastic Bottle/Aluminum Can Recyclers:

Do you own a restaurant or lounge? We provide 55 gallon barrels for you to sort your clean glass, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.

If you store your recyclables outside, keep them appropriately protected from the weather.  Please remember other factors involved in your minimum pickup charges include the location and access to your recyclables.

We are glad you realize that in most cases, it is more economical, and in all cases, it is better for the environment, to recycle rather than throw recyclables in the trash.

Please Keep In Mind:

  • We've been doing collection of recyclables in the Spokane area since 1977.
  • Your business can have it's recyclables picked up on a regular schedule or on call - your choice! Our minimum pickup schedule is every other month (or 6 times a year), if you have our containers at your location.
  • Let us visit your business free of charge to see what you have to recycle and what the charges will be.  We can also advise on what kind of containers will best suit your needs.
  • Are you a residential customer looking for a pickup service? We can do that too, just give us a call!  We can pick up appliances, electronics, moving boxes, household recyclables, etc.

Have questions? Call our dispatcher at (509) 534-1638 or email: