Plastic, Glass & Tin Recycling

We can recycle your plastic bottles, glass bottles & jars, and tin cans. We charge for these services. Please keep separated by material.

Plastic Bottles

We accept code 1 PETE and most code 2 HDPE plastic bottles. Remove caps and rinse well. We will not accept bottles with caps or fluids. Keep code #1 separate from code #2. Bottles must be screw-top type, no tubs or yogurt containers.

Code 1 PETE: Includes plastic pop bottles, water bottles, liquor bottles, and any other plastic bottle with the #1 symbol on the bottom.

Code 2 HDPE: Includes milk jugs with a #2 symbol on bottom. Besides milk jugs, we accept these colors only: white, yellow, orange, red, blue, and green. Rinse well. No motor oil or antifreeze bottles.

 We are not able to accept any other codes of plastic.

The charge for plastic is based on a full 33 gallon garbage bag, to see the current charge, refer to our recycling service charges page.

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Glass Bottles and Jars

Clean, any color. We charge by the pound for glass. For current charges, see the recycling services charges page. No lids please.

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Tin Cans

Clean, paper label removed. We charge by the pound for tin cans.  See the current charge on the recycling service charges page.  We do pay a little for the paper labels from tin cans.  See our paper page for details.

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