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General Pallet Information

We accept wood pallets, as well as some plastic pallets. Listed below are the sizes we accept and prices that we pay for pallets. If you are new to pallet recycling, we recommend that you bring in a sample load so you can learn the basics to our grading process and which pallets we take.

We strive to provide accuracy for the following prices, however, the prices posted at our recycling center are what we pay if there is any discrepancy.

If you are interested in getting a pickup, please contact us.


All sizes are Length x Width.  

Prices subject to change at anytime.

These are the prices we pay you for bringing pallets in to us.  If you'd like to buy pallets from us, please call for pricing.

We reserve the right to keep any rejected pallets at no pay.

Size Type Price we pay you per Pallet
48" X 40" 4-way (#1) $4.00
48" X 40" 4-way (#2) $3.00
48" X 40"
4-way (#3) $2.00
44" X 44" or 45" X 45" 2-way or 4-way $1.00

Blue CHEP (or some similar) Accepted

Our Definition of a #1 Pallet:

Like new, bright wood, no apparent repairs. No missing boards.

Some Guidelines for #3 Pallets:

In general, no more than 3 repairs needed, or three defects. Only one repair can be a broken or cracked runner. A defect can be something like nails sticking up or attached stretchwrap. Must be repairable.  

(see below for the guidelines for #2 pallets).

Some Guidelines for Square Pallets:
  • Must have at least two good boards on the bottom. 
  • #2 pallet quality (see below for details)
  • Double center runners ok
  • No smelly, stained, aged, or dirty pallets accepted

Some Guidelines for #2 Pallets:

(Additional guidelines may apply! Any questions, please ask.
All pallets subject to our inspection and criteria)


  • REPAIRS MUST BE COMPLETED before delivering to Earthworks

  • PALLETS IN GOOD CONDITION:  Not aged, extra dirty, decayed or smelly

  • NO warped, oily or stained boards

  • NO pallets assembled with staples

  • REMOVE stretch wrap, tags, and other attached items

  • NAIL DOWN jagged or snagging nails, staples

  • We DO NOT ACCEPT block pallets, URM, Coke, Pepsi

  • SLATS:  all the same thickness

  • NO thin/light-duty wood or wing tips

  • TOP BOARDS:  about 4 inches or closer together

  • BOTTOM:  4 slats minimum (one board on each end & two in middle)

  • END SLATS:  flush with end of runners

  • RUNNERS:  single or double boards okay, no triple thick repairs


Grading Hours

To allow time for unloading and inspection: Pallets must be unloaded, ready to grade by 4:00. Grading ends at 4:30pm - First ready, first served.

Junk Pallet Recycling

We can still recycle broken, damaged and odd sized pallets.  We charge you 5 cents per pound.

If you have junk pallets and good pallets, they must be kept separate if you wish to receive payment or credit for the good pallets. For junk pallets and good pallets mixed together you will be charged the 5 cent per pound wood recycling fee. 

Buying Pallets From Us

If you would like to buy any of the sizes/grades of pallets listed, please contact us. We also sell odd sizes out of our scrap pile for less. These are pallets in good condition and are great for putting under hay or straw or using in a garage or basement to keep stored items off the floor.