Recycling Service Charges

In order to provide you with the most recycling opportunities available, there are certain services that we must charge you for. The charges listed are for items brought in to our facility. If you need these items picked up, please give us a call! Also on this page, you can find out more about each service by clicking on the service name.

We accept these forms of payment: cash, check, VISA or MasterCard. 

All Prices Subject to Change

Recycling Service
Appliances (See Details)  
     Refrigeration Units
10¢ per pound
     Other Appliances
     Appliance Pickup
Give us a call!
Document Destruction

Delivered to Earthworks
15¢ per pound / $10.00 Min.
Pickup Service (64 Gal. Bins)
$32.50 Each
Call for more Details
Mixed Waste Paper
No charge
Glass Bottles and Jars
   Green, Clear, & Brown
5¢ per pound / $1.00 Min.
Plastic Bottles
Sort by Code

Code #1 (PETE) and #2 (HDPE)

$3 for 33 Gal. Bag
$1.00 Min.
Cast Iron, Steel, Iron
No Charge
Tin Cans (Flattened - No Labels)
5¢ per pound/ $1.00 Min.
Computer Monitors
3 or more monitors
LCD/Plasma Screens
Other Electronics
30¢ per pound
Hard Drive Recycling  
Hard Drive Destruction
Hard Drive Removal
Destruction of fax machine memories
Give us a call!
Televisions (Including Projection TVs)

12" to 25" TV
26" to 36" TV
Over 36" TV
Console TV
LCD/Plasma Screens