Electronics, Television & Appliance Recycling

We accept these items at no charge:

  • Washers, Dryers, Ovens, Stoves and Ranges 

Certain Electronics:

  • All-in-ones. (example iMac)
  • E-readers/E-books. (Kindle, Nook, etc.)
  • Computer Towers, Servers and Laptops (We also offer Hard Drive Removal & Destruction for a $7.50 removal fee each, and a $7.50 Destruction fee per Hard Drive) *Apple products and tablets may be an additional fee*
  • Computer Battery Backups (UPS) (With lead acid batteries included) 
  • Non-PCB & Electronic Light Ballasts (Ballast must have "NON-PCB", "NO-PCB'S" or "ELECTRONIC BALLAST" printed on it for us to accept. We do not accept Ballasts containing PCB's)


We charge to recycle:
  • Miscellaneous computer parts such as keyboards, mice and printers, we can recycle for 30 cents per pound. Check out our electronics section below for more information.
  • Flatscreen Computer Monitors ($3 ea.) 
  • Cracked or Intact Flatscreen TV's ($5 ea.) Over 40" - $10
  • CRT/Tube/Projection TV's ($10 charge each. We do not accept CRT's with cracked Screens or Tubes)
  • Refrigeration units (See "Residential Refrigeration Recycling" below for additional details and prices) 
    -Refrigerators (except RV units) we charge $40 per unit.
    -Window AC units, small (dorm) fridges, 20" tall or less, and water dispensers we charge $40 per unit. 
  • Microwaves $5 ea. without glass plate and $6 with glass plate.
  • Dishwashers ($5 charge ea. without insulation blanket and $7.50 with insulation blanket)
  • Vacuum Cleaners $5 ea. 
  • Barbecue/Grills $5 ea. 


There is a fee if you need us to pick up these items from your location, call us at (509) 534-1638 for more information on our pickup services, including rates and schedules!


Appliance Recycling

Appliances are separated into two categories for recycling. Most non-refrigerated appliances we will take at no charge - no pay. This includes, Washers, Dryers, Stoves, Ranges, and ovens. See below for prices on recycling refrigeration units. Also, be sure to ask about our pickup service. If you have other appliances, feel free to call and see if we would be able to recycle them. If you need these items picked up, please call (509) 534-1638 for schedules and fees.


Residential Refrigeration Recycling

 Refrigerators (except RV units) we charge $40 per unit. 

Window AC units, small (dorm) fridges, and water dispensers we charge $35 per unit. 


Electronics Recycling

Miscellaneous electronics can be recycled for a fee of 30 cents per pound if they are brought to our facility.

This includes electronics such as DVD players, VCR's, Remotes, Printers, Scanners, Keyboards, Mice, Telephones, Calculators, etc. Call if you have any questions about your electronics you want recycled. We can pick up your electronics, please call for fees and scheduling.

If you have any circuit boards, we recycle those as well. Call for details. 

Some salvaged materials are available to purchase at our Junxtore. Let us know if your in need of spare parts for your DIY projects! 

If you’re getting your computer recycled and are worried about your sensitive data, we also offer a hard drive destruction service. We charge $7.50 to remove a drive from the computer and $7.50 to destroy it. We chop the drives with a hydraulic shear for the secure destruction of your sensitive data. All items are disassembled in the USA and as much material as possible is recycled from these units.

Television Recycling

Intact or cracked flatscreen TV's we charge $5 ea. to recycle. Over 40" - $10

Projection TV's, CRT/Tube TVs & Tube Type Computer Monitors accepted for a $10 charge per unit. (Screen and Tube must be intact and not cracked or broken) 

If you want to recycle your TV accessories such as a DVD, VCR, or remote, see the electronics recycling section above.

If you need us to pick up your television, there is a fee. Call us at (509) 534-1638 for more information on our pickup services!