Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling Information!

If you sort your paper into the categories below, we will no longer charge you for your mixed waste paper! (Secure documents still have a charge – call about our Document Destruction services).

We now have several categories for paper, and the prices we pay are different for each category.

In all categories, paper must be flattened and not crumpled up.

(Please note: the prices below are for when you bring paper in to our facility. If you need us to pick up your paper, there is a charge for that service. Please call for details!)

Please remove:
Wax-coated paper, foil or foil-coated paper, plastic or plastic-coated paper, carbon paper, photos, paper plates, napkins, paper towels, or Kleenex. Please no garbage, rubber bands or plastic.

Fastener/Medical file folders can be included in with Category A paper, as long as the metal part is removed.

  • Colored Paper (Pastel)
  • Copy Paper
  • Manila Folders
  • Office Paper
  • Post-Its (light colored only)
  • Printer Paper
  • White Paper
  • Call for prices for Category A paper.
  • No astro-brights, fluorescent or bright colors
    (bright colored paper goes in Category “C”)
  • Can be mixed in with Category “B” paper, but you’ll get paid Category “B” price for it.
  • Staples, small paper clips, small/mini metal clips, and minimal rubber bands are acceptable.
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Junk Mail
  • Magazines
  • Phone Books
  • Slick Glossy Paper
  • Call for prices for Category B paper.
  • Window envelopes are OK
  • No astro-brights, fluorescent or bright colors
  • (bright colored paper goes in Category ‘C’ below)
  • Astrobright, fluorescent, bright paper or Post-Its
  • Blueprints
  • Chipboard, paperboard, non-corrugated cardboard
  • Egg Cartons (must be nested together or flattened)
  • Paper Ream Wrappers
  • Shredded Paper
  • Tin Can Labels
  • We take this category of paper for free.
  • Chipboard includes cereal boxes, soda boxes, shoe boxes, paper towel rolls, tablet backs.
  • This paper must be separated from other Category ‘A’ and ‘B’ paper to be accepted for free
  • No rubberbands.
  • No metal bigger than a small paperclip.
  • No metal clips.
  • Staples are ok.

Other types of paper…

All BooksNow accepting hardback & paperback books for free!
Corrugated CardboardKeep separate from all other paper.We may be charging to accept cardboard based on market prices. Call for details.


We may pay for baled cardboard — please call.

NewspaperCall for price.

Must be kept separate from all other paper. Inserts that come with newspapers are ok. May be bagged in paper bags.